Discover the Essence of Meditation

The "Essence of Meditation" is the latest edition of the critically acclaimed
"The Beginner's Book of Meditation".

"A comprehensive and thoroughly 'user friendly' introduction
to meditation basics, "The Beginner's Book of Meditation" by Attila Orosz
is an ideal instruction manual that is very highly recommended for personal,
community, and academic library instructional reference collections."
(The Midwest Book Review's Small Press Book watch,
Reviewer's Choice, May 2015

The Book has been revised, and redisigned from the ground up, new
illustrations were drawn to make the instructions even easier to follow.

Independently published by The Unseeing Eye in August 2017

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Learn to breathe

Improving your breathing will instantly improve your general health and enhance your meditation experience.

Understand meditation

Identifying the common patterns in what different techniques have to offer, will aid your practice and mastery of any method.

Meditate anywhere

Meditation is not limited to "mindfulness", or sitting in silence. Learn how to turn any activity into meditation.

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