The Beginner's Book of Meditation

A Practical Handbook of Meditation and Breathing Techniques

The 2nd edition of the critically acclaimed "The Beginner's Book of Meditation", a revised, and redisigned version of the original book, with extended contents and enhanced typesetting. New illustrations were drawn to make the instructions even easier to follow while the old ones have been improved in both quality and clarity. The 2nd edition further enhances the readnig experience with better typesetting, reorganised chapters and rephrased instructions for even grater clarity.

The Beginner's Book of Meditation Cover

("A comprehensive and thoroughly 'user friendly' introduction to meditation basics, "The Beginner's Book of Meditation" by Attila Orosz is an ideal instruction manual that is very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library instructional reference collections." The Midwest Book Review's Small Press Book watch, Reviewer's Choice, May 2015, review of the 1st edition)

Learn traditional and contemporary breathing and meditation techniques following no-nonsense practical instructions while you discover the world of meditation, your inner self, and the underlying essence of all practices.

Featuring eleven fully illustrated breathing techniques, twelve meditation methods with essential practical and theoretical advice and insight.

2nd edition coming in 2021 to most major online retailers, and the Ingram catalogue.

Not only for beginners

As readers have pointed out, the structured lessons presented in the book take a long time to master. This makes the process of reading through and learning the book suitable for anyone from entry level to meditation masters. Some of the techniques described, and much of the advice given is exclusive to this book, and are available nowhere else.

Not only will you gain an insight into the unusual meditation practices the author follows, but you will have the opportunity to fully master each and every technique discussed, with the aim of developing an ultimate understanding of meditation itself.

New Design

The book has been completely redesigned inside and out, the interior has been refitted and the illustrations enhanced. Besides the new illustrations and better page layout, the beautiful Crimson font has been used for setting the type, which aids the eyes along the lines, making for a more pleasant reading experience.

Revised Contents

The book is much more than just a new edition of the original. So much has been changed and so many new ideas have been introduced, that a new title has even been considered rto better relflect these changes.

For an even more practical approach towards learning each technique, the entire book has been restructured for logical and chronological accuracy.

Redrawn old illustrations and detailed new images help to understand the concepts discussed, and to follow the instructions provided.

Get your copy

The Essence of Meditation: A Practical Handbook of Meditation and Breathing Techniques, 2nd edition has been schedduled for release in 2021.

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2nd edition coming in 2021 to most major online retailers, and the Ingram catalogue.